This is the portfolio of Ellen Doms

Not your average front end developer.

“As a gem can not be polished without friction, the best results are achieved when I am being challenged.”



Over the course of the last few years, I've acquired skills in various IT domains: functional analysis, UI/UX design, full-stack development and testing. Expertise in each of these fields is required when developing virtually any digital product, and it is usually distributed across multiple people in an organisation. I can make a difference by taking up several roles, fully or partially, and help reduce the communication overhead.

I’ve actively collaborated on creating several successful products (Teamleader, Takeair…) and like to read up on the matter as well. Having me on board will get you a trusty development resource on the one hand, but also a soundboard for your product roadmap and strategy.

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Talking technical

Html5 + Css3
React native
Design systems

Front end skills

Agile working

A continuous delivery of functioning software, close team-communication, and high adaptability to changing needs

Mobile & web

In a digital world, we need to adapt to different screen sizes: with responsive design, PWA or going mobile-native.


With a background in UI design, I can confidently say that I deliver code that’s pixel-perfect by designer’s standards.

Design systems

A well-thought-out component structure based on atomic design principles is an investment that pays off in the long run.


Creative thinking and the ability to break down problems in manageable chunks, are the foundation of development.


Being able to provide and accept feedback while taking on a proactive role will benefit an entire team.

A different background

Other skills, that make me a better developer.

UI design

With UI still in mind, I work pixel-perfect to designer standards.

By implementing design systems I build bridges between design and development, so that the entire team can create products with higher quality but less effort to develop them.

UX design

Product thinking is problem solving, a skill that is essential when developing virtually any digital product.

Put effort in making application intuitive and easy to use: Code can be complex but the interface shouldn’t.

Product management

Being a product manager thought me to always keep the bigger picture in mind while working on a feature. 

Defining the why, what and how is needed to successfully translate customer needs into features.